Go live with your contact centres (inbound/outbound/blended) within hours without owning any infrastructure.

While businesses today use multiple platforms for different actions, Aspirare Cloud provides the opportunity to bring every action on a single platform. It is a truly unified solution for all your communication actions. Aspirare Cloud is a platform that lets you scale up or down based on your needs. It is a flexible solution provided to you on need-based pricing.

Aspirare is a registered ISP based out of Namma Bengaluru. Currently servicing 10,000+ broadband customers across Karnataka and venturing info offer Enterprise services across pan India with own network. 100 Gig core network has been built by Aspirare and access network with 1Gig to 100 Gig across the cities.

Why move to Aspirare Cloud


Move from a CAPEX to OPEX model and pay as per your need

Start your business by preparing for the future

Get a unified solution for your remote team

With Aspirare Cloud you get all your business needs, be it contact centre, marketing and lead development or workforce management, answered at one place


Reduce your TCO by moving some or all of your functions to the cloud

Choose the functions you want to move on cloud, you can start with the basics or move an entire operation on cloud for your multi-client environment

Lay the groundwork for future technology based functional advancements.

With Aspirare Cloud, unify your processes globally.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Nest

Get your own Nest to run your business the way you want. With Aspirare Cloud Nest businesses, can book either dedicated PRI or both dedicated server and dedicated PRI for their private use, providing them endless customisations, integrations and complete data security.Best suited for large enterprises where the number of agents and call volume justifies the need for dedicated cloud.

Aspirare Cloud Hive

With Aspirare Cloud Hive get PRI, Servers and all other infrastructure requirements on a subscription basis. The Cloud Hive is a pocket-light model where businesses get a predefined solution, need no capital expenditure and can reduce their TCO. This model is also highly scalable so it can grow or shrink based on your needs. Best suited for small and medium businesses where this model can bring uniformity for their remote agents.

Aspirare Hybrid Cloud

For enterprises that already have an On Premise set up, we introduce Aspirare Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid cloud can be integrated with ease to any existing system. Businesses can choose to move some or all of their functions on Aspirare Hybrid Cloud for their multi-client environment. The Hybrid Cloud works just as Cloud Nest does, so businesses get dedicated cloud and endless customisations and integrations.