Aspirare large Enterprise Business :


  • Customised Voice solutions
  • Remote office connect
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Direct Connect / Cloud Connect / Express Route
  • Data Centre Connect
  • Intercity customer / direct connects

Internet Leased Line

Aspirare Smart Internet Leased Lines are dedicated Internet Bandwidth Lines

Connected using diverse dual Last Miles

One could be Aspirare own fiber and another could be Telco Last Miles

Costing for Internet Bandwidth, two Last Miles and the required equipment are given

Customised Voice Solution

Managed Voice SIP solutions with default backup

Connecting SIP channels from two different Service Providers With Fallback options architected using an application

Great cost benefits for customers.Value is’nt it?

Show reduced Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)

Remote office connect

Connectivity in Tier 2,3 and 4 cities

Stable Connectivity at branches

SLA Driven Broadband Services

Proactive Monitoring & Dashboards

Replacement of Underperforming links

Periodic Reviews with IT

Options of Single/Dual with Fallback

Organized and Stable Network everywhere

Cloud Telephony

Contact Center on the cloud

Comprises of SIP channels and Applications

Delivery could be at a Data Center or at the customer premises

Completely Managed end to end solution

Direct Connect/Cloud Connect

Connect to AWS/ Azure/ Google Cloud

Connecting the customer to different workloads

Dedicated and Stable Direct Connect

Connect to different Data Centers where workloads are concentrated

DC Connect

Connect to Data Center workloads from your premises

Connecting between Data Center –to- Data Center workloads

Can be between any Data Centers across the country.

Can be intra-city Data Center connect or Inter City Data Center connects

Connected using Aspirare own backbone

Intercity Customer

Connecting two different cities in the country

A point to point Leased Line between two cities in India

Connected through a highly resilient and stable backbone