What is the Internet leased line?

An Internet Leased Line or ILL is a premium Internet connectivity service that is dedicated and provides un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. Businesses also get an option for burstable bandwidth to meet sudden traffic spikes or growing business needs.

What is Aspirare Smart Enterprise Grade Internet Leased Line ?

Aspirare Smart Internet Aspirare Smart Internet Services comes in with a Dual Last Mile, Multiple Internet backbones,Proactive monitoring, single point of contact, Fully Managed Services, High Availability, Same Block of IPs after switchover to secondary, Dedicated Service Managers and more value add to make your life easier than before. 

What does this all mean to you? Lets delve a little deeper

1. Multiple Internet Backbones: Aspirare Smart Internet Leased Line connects your business to multiple internet backbones. This redundancy means you are no longer reliant on a single backbone provider, ensuring your Internet backbone has all routes for you to choose from.

2. Dual Last Miles: We understand that the last mile can often be the weakest link. With dual last miles, you have two distinct physical connections to your premises, eliminating last-mile issues as a potential point of failure. Your connectivity remains rock-solid.

3. Proactive Monitoring: Don’t wait for issues to disrupt your operations. Aspirare’s advanced monitoring system tirelessly watches over your network’s health. Any anomalies or potential problems are detected and resolved before they become a headache for your IT team.

4. No IP Changes During Primary to Secondary Switchover: We understand how frustrating IP address changes can be during switchover. Aspirare ensures that your IP addresses remain consistent throughout the transition. No more hassles with reconfiguration or lost connections.

5. Ease of Management: Aspirare Smart Internet Leased Line is designed with you and your IT team in mind. It simplifies your network management tasks, making your life easier. Spend less time or rather troubleshooting and more time innovating.

6. Business Continuity: With HA capabilities, you can rest assured that your critical business functions will stay operational, even in challenging situations. Keep your customers and stakeholders satisfied with uninterrupted services.

7. Dedicated Support: We’re not just selling a service; we are committed to your success. Aspirare provides end-to-end support, ensuring your experience with our Smart Internet Leased Line is seamless and hassle-free.