Get efficient with time

Do more in less time with Aspirare Automatic Call Distributor, it automatically routes call to the agents leading to reduced loss of time in manual call transmissions. This is available as a standard offering on the Aspirare Customer Experience Platform.

Aspirare ACD is the brain of the solution and makes all the decisions regarding call routing and call control. It is one of the most robust call controllers which manages each and every call whether originating from a VoIP network or a Time-division Multiplex(TDM) network.

Intelligent agent selection

Aspirare Automatic Call Distributor integrates with Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) and intelligently selects agents to distribute the inbound calls. The administrator can select these parameters with ease. The parameters may vary from language to department and specialising skills. Multiple skills (up to 40 different skills) can be set for a tele caller in inbound or outbound calling including predictive dialer or blended mode.

The advanced skill-based routing mechanism ensures that automatic call distributor form always connects the caller to the customer support executive who can best handle their queries or has a prior working relationship with them. This personalizes the experience of calling in a powered customer engagement centre.

Routing by caller id

Integration of Aspirare Automatic Call Distributor with a CRM can help administrators build rules in routing by assigning unique caller IDs to every call. For example the administrator can assign a high value customer’s caller ID to a specialised agent, so the same agent handles the customer every time they call or a VIP caller gets the priority and jumps the queue or placed first in the waiting queue to be processed.

Don’t leave behind the drop offs

With Aspirare ACD elevate your customer experience to the next level. Administrators have an option to schedule automatic call back for all the abandoned calls. This way no customer goes unattended. Aspirare powered customers engagement centre is continuously helping businesses increasing their customer connection rate.