Get all the telephony in one touch

Not just any Click-to-Dial solution, in Aspirare Bar agents get the full multi telephony functionalities like calling, conferencing, redial, put on hold, schedule call back etc.

Give ordinary CRMs the boost of CTI

Aspirare Bar integrates seamlessly with any third party CRM to give it the boost of telephony. Allow your agents to swiftly connect with customers and fill the information in the CRM. They can also share the updated information on Aspirare Helpdesk or Aspirare LMS modules for further actions.

A single window solution

Get Aspirare Bar and your CRM on the same window so your agents don’t need to toggle between screens. Aspirare Bar can be setup on the top of the screen along with your CRM or as a side panel/widget over the CRM.

Deployability is a breeze

Choose flexibility with CZ Bar. Get easy deployability, whether you want it on cloud or on premise, for a team of two or for a team of hundreds. CZ Bar can quickly scale to cover all your needs.