Flow based response to improve efficiency

Aspirare Bot is designed in an intuitive way so that you do not have to spend months training it. You can easily feed data to its decision tree and it will learn to answer queries with minimal human support. Also the data can be improved and new data can be added to make it superior.

Bot to human in no time

Aspirare Bot can quickly transfer chats to Live agents, if need be. This happens seamlessly, without any transition time so your users do not feel any break in their conversation. The agent has a snapshot of the interaction that the user had with Aspirare Bot, so that the agent can quickly jump into action.

Bot for different uses

Aspirare Bot is utilized for various applications. It can be used by your customers to get easy assistance. Likewise it can also provide assistance to the employees – be it IT, Finance or HR departments. And can be easily used seamlessly by distributed teams.