The BPO industry has been growing at a steady pace and has a significant position in the IT ecosystem. The concept of setting up BPO and running multiple processes for multiple customers at optimum cost and maximum efficiency has driven us to provide the most effective solution for the industry.

Aspirare SME Suite fulfills all the needs of a midsize contact centre with minimum hardware and maximum software efficiency. However Aspirare Enterprise Suite serves the need of large BPOs.

We are the only contact centre solution providers in the market who can add upto 150-180 concurrent agents over 240 voice channels on one single server along with the features like IVR, ACD, Predictive Dialer,Voice Logger, CRM, MIS reporting, call conferencing, email and SMS integration, call barge in, APIs for third party CRM integration, etc.

It’s easy to install & configure and one can start calling within few hours. Aspirare Enterprise Suite helps to create HA (High Availability) solution with Load Balancing for 1000 agents or more (extra ACD servers and gateways can be added to go upto any limit above 1000 agents) with all the functionalities of a single box contact centre solution. It’s apt for any mission critical process like telecom or banking where the BPO looks for a highly stable, 99.999% uptime solution with all standard functionalities of a contact centre.

While large BPOs are powered by our on-premise solution, there are smaller BPOs which are powered by Aspirare Cloud and helps them in quickly scaling up and down as per the business requirements.

With new age BPOs, there is a growing need to address various customer touchpoints like voice, chat, email, SMS, Social and also self service like bot and smart IVRs. Aspirare Omni integrates all the channels over a single platform and provides the convenience to agents to provide a consistent customer experience.