Don’t lose customers for long call queues

Waiting for the customer service agent in long queues usually is a good recipe to lose him. And most likely he is visiting your competitor’s site as well. With Aspirare Callback, your prospective customers do not have to wait. Call them back instantly or schedule a call at their convenience. Bingo! We save your customer dropout rate.

Easy integration

The Aspirare Callback service integrates easily with any website on any interface. Aspirare REST API callback feature can be integrated in no time and your website is ready with “click to call” functionality. You can also integrate it with Aspirare LMS or Aspirare Helpdesk so that agents can take quicker action on the leads.

Improve website conversion

Add Aspirare Callback service to your sales and marketing campaigns and convert your visitors to leads with ease. The Aspirare Callback seamlessly integrates with Aspirare Contact Centre Solution. You can reach out to customers when they need your help, almost instantly, and guess what ? You can also see from where in the website did the lead come from. The prospect can be added to the priority list in the outbound campaign and called back instantly.

No setup cost

The Aspirare Callback is a pay as you go service that does not require any setup cost. It can easily be hosted on cloud as well as your internal server. To collect leads without any additional cost is not just a saving but also provides returns.