Dial multiple numbers concurrently

With Aspirare Callblast, you can dial hundreds and thousands of numbers simultaneously. So be it a small group of customers or a large database, you can customise messages for each group and send it to all, at once.

Multi use calling option

Use Aspirare Callblast for multiple purposes – for surveys and polls, insurance renewals, collection reminders, flight/train reschedule, disaster management and many more applications. The list for calling can be uploaded in excel format directly to the Aspirare Callblast system or can be pushed in real time from third party applications. Apart from automated voice broadcast, Aspirare Callblast can guide people to go through the IVR, collect their response through number prompts or even connect to customer service representative.

Stronger integrations

Using standard HTTP based APIs, databases can be pushed to Aspirare Callblast directly from third party applications like CRMs, BI tools, SMS gateways and Websites etc. This ensures easy outreach to the lead list or existing customer list.

Have control on call screening

CZ Callblast gives you control over the number on the caller ID, you can use your private number or decide to mask it.