All ScaleAOn Edge features are licensed using a flexible, capacity and usage-based model

ScaleAOn Edge Micro

Suitable for IoT, Banking ATM & Retail POS use cases

ScaleAOn Edge Lite

Suitable for small branch offices with less than 25 users

ScaleAOn Edge Turbo

Suitable for regional offices with less than 100 users

ScaleAOn Edge Dynamo

For HQ Offices, BPO locations & services centers with unlimited users

CloudPort WAN/Edge appliance is available in physical form factor or as an “any cloudprovider ready" virtual appliance. It allows multiple forms of network links (4G to Fiber to V.35 serial) to connect users to applications.


Deploy it in Branches/remote sites/campuses to leverage integrated network services.


Deploy it as a virtual machine to launch virtualised network services.


Optimise cloud and ensure bespoke application performance.

ScaleAOn® Edge Features available on CloudPort Edge

ScaleAOn® Edge Internet Protection

Web protection with Internet filtering using Whitelist and Blacklist, extensible “Go" language based deep packet inspection engine for access control functions at application level, stateful Firewall and SIEM interoperability.

Ease of Deployment

True Zero touch provisioning made possible with a zero peering architecture, Private IP at branch, with multi-NAT traversal. Plug and Play deployment at spoke locations with no peering protocols on WAN.

ScaleAOn® Private Network Segmentation

Next generation multi elastic VPNs with full mesh any to any VPN. Configurable through an easy to use and intuitive user interface. Allows for one click implementation of policies across thousands of locations enabling IT teams with incredible speed which wasn’t possible with VPNs.

Powerful Hybrid WAN Capabilities

Network Link type independence provides incredible flexibility. Proven across every Hybrid WAN – Fibre, Copper, Coax, Serial, Wireless and more.

Path Selection

Network parameters for path selection include – latency, jitter, packet loss rate, network capacity WAN policies to override or customize link selection. Flow based load balancing.