CloudPort Gateway appliance suite of physical, virtual and cloud instances with their powerful hardware and software capabilities handle thousands of VPN tunnels, large BGP or OSPF network aggregation and peering and advanced high availability architectures, to ensure the best network connection between SD-WAN edge/branches and applications.

CloudPort Gateway Models

CloudPort Gateway 500-6E Series

Upto 500Mbps with 6x1G Ethernet

CloudPort Gateway 1000-6E Series

Upto 1 Gbps with 6x1G Ethernet and one Expandable Interface Slot

CloudPort Gateway 1000-2E Series

Upto 1 Gbps with 2x1G Ethernet and two Expandable Interface Slot

CloudPort Gateway 1000 Series

Upto 10 Gbps with 4x1G Ethernet

ScaleAOn® Edge Features available on CloudPort Gateway

BGP, OSPF Peering

Support for both OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).

Link Bonding to Upstream and Downstream Data Center Switches

Get improved performance by transmitting several packets simultaneously down different links. Also, fast and transparent recovery in case one individual links failure.

Multi Point Internet Breakout

Flexibility to provide internet breakout both local and remote at the Data Center.

NFV Service Chain with 3rd Party NGFW or WAN Op

Can do network function virtualization with any device that supports NFV and the same component.

DC/DR Traffic Re-Routing Capabilities

Automatic DC/DR fail-over mechanism for a zero downtime environment.

Cloud Support

Any cloud support including Azure, AWS and GCP.