Aspirare Introduces the World’s First SD-WAN Mobile Application to Monitor your Enterprise Networks

Real Time Notifications for Network Issues

Get notified instantly in case of network issues, events and updates from all Edge locations

Anytime Anywhere Network Monitoring

Analyze, Act, and Solve Network issues within minutes.

Simplified monitoring for Large Enterprise Networks

Empowers IT teams by extending the capabilities of CloudStation orchestrator on mobile.

Proactive Network Administration

Access enterprise network from anywhere & anytime

Track on-going networking activities

Network administrators can now proactively act on events through real time notifications on failures, events and updates from all their CloudPort Edge locations.

Advance Network Monitoring Simplified

Capture every minute detail of your enterprise network on your mobile

Ready window to monitor network performance and manage large IT networks seamlessly on the go.

Allow authorized users (team members)

Round the clock assistance of network experts.

CloudStation App Key Features

Analyze, Act, and Solve Network issues within minutes.Track and Monitor

Dashboard Network Availability

Provides visibility to real-time distribution of online/offline CloudPorts

Dashboard Link Utilization

Instantly know how many devices are nearing bandwidth capacity provisioned and may need additional bandwidth and vice versa.

Dashboard Top Apps

The top applications sorted by the cumulative bandwidth usage for the last hour.

User Scores

Allows you to fetch a temporal representation of aggregate of all CloudPort scores.

CPU Utilization

Allows users to get instant CPU, Memory and Disk usage details.

Network Utilization

Users get overall visibility to aggregated bandwidth usage of the CloudPort

Quality Score

It allows users to check the Quality of the link.

Interface Scores(Capacity Score)

Generate the percentage of the link being utilized against a pre-configured value.

CPE locations

Real time display of all active CPEs from all locations. (Image Map).