Our CloudStation Network Analytics appliance suite of physical, virtual and cloud instances which power the advanced network flow analysis that fuels our industry leading dynamic path selection, automated performance characterization using Network Scores, split second visualization of Top Network usage by user, flows or applications.

CloudStation Insights Models

CloudStation Insights
100 – 2E Series

Suitable for upto 100

Cloudstation Insights
1000-2E Series

Suitable for upto 1000

CloudStation Insights
XL Series

Suitable for web scale
deployment of large networks
with tens of thousands of nodes.

Cloudstation Insights Software Features

Advanced Network Flow Analysis

Advanced network flow analysis that fuels our industry leading dynamic path selection, an innovative technique developed to mitigate the problems like availability and performance in the last mile link connectivity.

Network Scores

Network Scores comprises of Quality Score, Capacity Score and Capacity Health Score for the entire network. These scores are a normalized in a numerical way to describe an ISP’s last mile connectivity characteristics in terms of its Quality and its Capacity.

Enhanced Visibility of Network Usage

Top application and top endpoint traffic usage Bandwidth utilisation across applications and endpoints. Average and peak values for the transmitted and dropped packets in terms of the bandwidth to facilitate an in-depth view of the historical usage of the networks.

Expandable Storage

Flexible, expandable storage for specific long duration use cases of storing monitoring data (beyond the default of 30 days)

Custom Analysis

Raw statistics export for AI, machine learning for Custom monitoring and automation.