E-Commerce is a fast growing sector across the globe, driven by the power of internet and mobility. The relevance of Aspirare Omni is immense in free flow of information across the board for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency of the online businesses. Aspirare can integrate with the order booking engine, online web portal, chat, bot, email and SMS gateways, social media and provide a seamless customer experience to the end customers whenever they call, chat, email or post on social media.With millenials, there is more willingness to use self service like bot or knowledge base or IVR to get their issue resolved.

The facility to reach the help desk using call, email, SMS or chat helps customers connect to the help desk instantaneously with their preferred mode of engagement. All forms of engagement by the customer are tagged at one location for follow-ups and further actions. Aspirare can generate wide variety of reports like number of tickets raised, number of tickets closed inside the TAT(Turn Around Time), number of tickets exceeded the standard TAT, detailed SLA report for each department, etc.

This helps e-commerce enterprises to tighten up their operations, provide better support to the customers and save costs which is key for an online business. The in-built escalation matrix module helps the online businesses to create their own escalation matrix and TAT for each kind of issue.

The moment a ticket is generated on a customer complaint, based on the ticket type it is automatically allocated to the respective department. Like a complaint for non- delivery of goods ordered online goes to the dispatch department, a complaint for refund of money for goods returned goes to the accounts department. The escalation happens on SMS and email as per the matrix set by the enterprise.

Field delivery persons need to contact customers before product is delivered. Customer data is secured because the actual number is not shared using Aspirare Magic Call.