Simplify work for your agents

Aspirare Helpdesk provides a multi-channel platform to register any complaint or query with the central help desk of the enterprise using Voice Call, Email, SMS, Social Media, Chat or Bot. The system generates an automated ticket number which is provided to the customer for future reference to the status of the registered issue.

The solution helps the enterprise to monitor all the queries and complaints proactively, while making sure that none of the customer complaints goes unattended.

More than just ticketing

Aspirare Omni has the ability to bring context of the interactions to Aspirare Helpdesk. So the agent can view the ticket details from the interactions with IVR or interaction with any channel. Voice Logs from Aspirare Contact Centre also gets tagged with the relevant ticket number. With context based Aspirare Helpdesk module, agents can provide quicker resolution and deliver better customer experience

No more worry for TAT

The application provides real time status of each ticket and its TAT for closure. Any delay beyond the standard TAT is escalated via Email or SMS to the relevant stakeholder as per the escalation matrix created by the administrator of the application.