Ditch the old ways, capture leads directly into your system

There are multiple sources of lead generation and capturing every lead manually is a tedious affair. With Aspirare LMS (Lead Management System), integrate all your sources on one platform and capture leads in real time. Another aspect of Aspirare LMS is the advance metrics with which you can easily identify the lead flow and campaign success.

Nurture till they fruit

Some leads have decided to buy your product, some need cajoling. Aspirare LMS helps you nurture your leads based on their position in the purchase cycle. Leads that are ageing can be assigned to and nurtured by marketing team while hot and warm leads can be assigned to the inside sales representatives.

Delegating work, works

After attracting leads it is equally important to pass them on to the right people. Aspirare LMS auto assigns the leads based on any logic that the admin decides. Eg. pass the leads to team Timbuktu if the location is Timbuktu or pass the leads to Mr X if the lead is interested in product X. The assignment can be done manually.