Free of cost for end user

The missed call service has been hugely popular as it helps customer communicate their interest in the product or service to the provider without incurring any call cost. It also helps the provider generate leads absolutely free of cost.

Get a lot done with just a ring

Missed Call Service is a great marketing tool in the hands of companies, with Aspirare Missed Call module you can get a lot done like generate leads, give your customer a free platform to connect, verify numbers, collect feedback, conduct votes and even run contests!.

A/B Marketing

This is an inexpensive way to do A/B Marketing. The missed call number can be flashed in different media (billboards, TV commercial or print material) to generate enquiry. With different numbers in different campaign, it is an easy way to do A/B Marketing and identify which campaign is most successful. It helps to capture 100% of the leads coming from different mediums.

Expand your base

With Aspirare Missed Call Service, expand your campaign’s coverage to areas where other advance technologies have not reached. The best part is after your user has opted in with the missed call; you can target them for next campaigns without infringing on Do Not Call (DNC) regulation.