With technology becoming pervasive and accessible, customers and prospects prefer to interact using different touch points. In this experience economy providing consistent customer experience is the new currency. Aspirare is transforming customer experience with Aspirare Omni platform. Never before it was possible to integrate all the disjointed channels and provide a superior CX. Thanks to the highly secure and scalable C-Zentrix Omnichannel platform.

How Aspirare Omni works

Omni queue

The administrator no more has to create different queues for different channels. Now the same queue can cater to all the requests from different contact channels be it voice, chat or social. Queue priority enables the administrator to set the channel which has a higher priority in-case concurrent channels are requested.

Single sign-on

Forget about having different agents for different contact channels. Now the same agent can be mapped to all the communication channels. The agent once logged into one channel will be automatically logged into the other channels they are mapped to.

Single dashboard

With multiple channels, administrator has to pull out different reports for different channels. With Aspirare Omni, the administrator just needs to pull out single report, which will have reports for all the channels. In addition, the administrator can understand the channel utilisation from a single view.

Interaction history

With Aspirare Omni, now get complete interaction history from all the channels. Every time customer makes a repeat call, customer representative is aware of all the previous interactions. This helps the customer representative understand the context and provide a better and faster resolution.